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Identifying and fixing leaks is best practice

Leak detection surveys and other strategies that minimize water loss can help your utility’s bottom line. SAMCO offers your system the following services to reduce your water losses and enhance your water revenues:

  • Comprehensive Acoustic Leak Survey
    SAMCO’s experienced technicians will listen on physical water distribution access points to identify where water is escaping from the system. The leak report will be categorized by the type of leaks located throughout the system and include a corresponding leak identification map.


  • Meter Evaluation Option
    In addition to the leak detection survey, SAMCO will report meters found to have unregistered flows. This option can provide for physical inspections of those larger meters that are subject to measuring errors due to improper sizing, type selection and installation. This option may be further extended to include accuracy testing of meters in place where it is practical to do so.


  • Investigation of Unbilled Water Service
    In addition to the existence of unmetered service connections that may be disclosed during the course of the leak survey, the scope of services may be extended to include a search for users that are metered but for various reasons are not being billed.


  • GIS/GPS Mapping
    SAMCO will generate GPS data on the location of each discovered leak to sub-meter accuracy. At your option, this service may be extended to include asset management of system features such as meters, valves, fire hydrants, flush valves, pressure reducing valves, sample sites, etc. If you have not had your water system evaluated recently or if you do
    not have accurate maps, you can count on SAMCO Leak Detection and Mapping Services to give proper and critical attention to your water distribution system.

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